Friday, July 9, 2010

Bob Marley // sketch // pencil drawing

I doodled Bob Marley in paint today, too, on my Facebook page. I did this sketch, as an exercise because I had so much trouble capturing Marley's likeness. Some times, I get a likeness pretty quickly, but Bob took a lot of time to get to where I felt he was looking back at me. Part of the reason it was so challenging is because I wanted to do his portrait in red, yellow and green. I was finally happy with it and posted it. I have to say, the sketch was just as challenging. I think part of the problem is that Bob Marley has such a recognizable and famous face. When I did Marilyn Monroe a few days ago, I ran into some of the same issues. Still not sure why this happens, but I will never be done learning this craft. Happy Friday.


kevballart said...

I couldn't agree more. It seems harder to capture famous people's likeness. They are so well known that you almost know there faces better than even your own sometimes. I draw my friend's faces all the time and they come out well but when a I draw a famous face it is a lot more difficult. It's almost like you try too hard to capture the likeness so you wind up with stiffer lines instead of just letting it flow. At least that is what I find. I find that if I get the rough proportions of the face down first it makes it easier to render the features more accurately.

Dawn Schreiner said...

It is so nice to hear another artists perspective on the likeness issue. Nice to know it's not just me.