Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dog Days of summer/ Smoking / Dog painting

In my recent travels, one thing that I found very surprising was the sheer volume of folks that still smoke. Someone was desperate enough to risk arrest at the Orlando International Airport by smoking in the restroom. I am still amazed at how many people stand outside (or in certain airports, provided indoor smoking areas -gasp) and smoke. Many of the hotels we stayed in were non smoking (entirely, meaning 'no smoking' rooms only) and even proclaimed to have a 25 foot area around the doors of the hotel to be non smoking. Mostly, that was overlooked. Nevertheless, I enjoyed that brief time of temperate air. In the mountains the air feels cleaner in your lungs and I couldn't get enough of it. Back here in Maitland, I haven't suffered too much thanks to my hard working air conditioner. On that bike ride yesterday, there was a nice breeze and we certainly didn't have to worry about tackling any mountains. So, I'm back to marveling at what Florida has to offer.

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