Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yesterday's travel // Oops // doodles

The view from the entrance of our hotel. It was such a busy day yesterday, I missed blogging. It was hotter than expected when we arrived in albuquerque, and we traveled to Santa Fe. This is the Comfort Inn in Santa Fe. We ventured to the lovely downtown area, but will spend more time there today. The daily doodle was based on air travel, so not very exciting. It was more exhausting than I expected it would be. I feel much more ambitious today. Plus, I'll remember where I put my sketch pad today, as that greatly effected  yesterday's doodle.


Anonymous said...

It's hard enough to stay upright, never mind to blog or doodle, when you first arrive at 7,000 ft above sea level! People think they can just get off the plan and boogie all night - not going to happen!

Anyway, welcome to Santa Fe - I hope you enjoy your stay here.


Frank O'Mahony
Evolve Santa Fe Real Estate

Dawn Schreiner said...

thanks, Frank. Santa Fe is incredibly beautiful.