Tuesday, August 31, 2010

imagination // music // inspiration

Here's a little figment of my imagination. Sometimes I think of these scenarios and I sketch them out. Other times I either don't have a pencil and paper, or haven't the time to doodle. This one is something I've been thinking about, a cruelty free circus, performers being the stubborn, but talented, cat.
What do you think of the addition of music to the blog? I can't decide if I like it. Music can make or break a site, so it's risky business putting the player on here. My taste of music may not be yours, so if that's the case, just mute it, please don't go away.
I am searching for inspiration today. I have some paintings I need to work on, but haven't quite gotten the compositions down. Also, need to be inspired for the daily doodles. Off I go, in search of the magic I'm looking for.

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