Monday, August 23, 2010

Pylon art // braces// doodles

I painted on a pylon (did I already tell you that?) Anyway, now I have five more, but they're broken down. As soon as I put them together, I will have a whole forest of these. Then, the biggest problem? Where to store them. That is the bane of my existence. Yesterday I was cleaning/organizing my studio and realize that storage is the biggest problem I have. Frankly, I haven't any place to put all the art I create, so my studio becomes a holding area, which, needless to say, makes creating even more art, a real  challenge. Ah, what I would give for a basement. I could write a sonnet about how much I would love to have a basement, but I won't, as that is decidedly NOT where my talent lies.
My 13 year old got spacers in her teeth today. The first step to braces. The hardest part, well there's two hard parts. First, I can't bear to see her in pain. The second? I can't bear to see my wallet in such pain.
Well, off to doodles. Happy Monday...

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