Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bed Bugs // funk

I've been hearing a lot of stories about bed bugs on the radio and in the news. Seems there is a resurgence of these critters. Did you know, if you set your suitcase next to a bed that has bed bugs, the bugs will get into your luggage and go home with you? Most folks, first thing they do is put their luggage on their beds at home to unpack. And that is how it starts. Turns out the hard part isn't the getting bit (that is, however, the disturbing part), it's how to get rid of them. That's something I haven't had to figure out yet, thankfully. There's a site:, where folks who've visited hotels and motels, can note if they had a problem. Then, you can check it to make sure the hotel you've booked isn't one that has had an outbreak.
In other news, I'm very excited about my opportunity to be a participating artist at The House Of Blues Folk Art Festival. That's not the actual title, but I initial capped the letters anyway. I am in a funk, however, and I can't shake it. I need to get to work and start creating new pieces, but seem to be more in the mood to kick rocks and pull weeds. I know, this will pass, and soon I will be able to share new art with you.
I decided to take the music off the blog.  I suspect, if it was bugging (not bed bugging) me, then it most likely would bug you.


WEE-HOO said...

So how do you get rid of them? I heard that you have to get rid of your whole mattress!

Dawn Schreiner said...

Some "experts" suggest you put your mattress outside on either a really hot day or a really freezing day. That information is of no use for me, for, even though it's really hot here, the humidity would cause the bed bugs to only go forth and multiply. I heard there's also a spray, but nothing is more effective than just throwing away the mattress. Sorry environment. : (