Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday // Birds // Facebook Greetings // bunny

This is one of a handful of birthday doodles I have created. I made them so I could send doodles to my friends on Facebook, on their birthday. I have had some confusion with some folks thinking the doodle is a gift to them, or that it is their own personal doodle. When I first created the birthday art, it never occurred to me that this might happen. So, I have tried to be chivalrous about it, and tell friends that the doodle is in honor of celebrating their  birthday, but is shared with every one. I always feel so bad afterwards. I have over 800 friends on Facebook, so making every one their very own doodle, all the while keeping up with the daily doodle, is out of the question. However, I have sold some of my birthday doodles. All doodles are for sale, so when someone asks, I jump! I must say, the majority of friends just say thank you, and don't ever think another thing of it.

This one sold to a dear childhood friend of mine. She has been gracious enough to not yell when I keep using it as a birthday greeting on Facebook.

This one was one of those "Thank you for making me my very own birthday doodle" scenarios.
It all worked out, and now has a happy home with it's doodle owner.

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