Monday, September 27, 2010

Critter Trap // the Bridge

We set the trap again. This time we caught this unhappy cat. I don't know if it's a boy or girl. There's no getting near to this animal, as this is truly a wild animal. It is a beautiful creature. It hisses almost constantly. I was able to get this photo by standing far away and zooming in for this picture.
This cat has tried to eat my chickens, and actually is the cat that got our sweet little Summer.

I took a bike ride today, and went over the bike bridge. I know there's actually a name for it, but I haven't a clue what it is. It is over 17-92 right before (or after, depending on which way you are going) Mayo Avenue. I love to stand at the top and watch cars. A train track goes beneath too, but I have only seen one train go under. It was LOUD, and fun to watch. Here's a photo I took today with my phone. Wonder where everyone is going...

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