Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Thursday in June

Not the Third Thursday, however. That was last week. I know because I was at an event in Thornton Park for the monthly Third Thursday Art Walk. I was invited by the delightful "Lambs Eat Ivy" salon, to show my work inside and out.
Here are a few photos from the evening:
The salon is lovely, here you can see the beautiful front courtyard.

Two of my paintings in between stylist's stations.

A Big painting that is hanging in the hall.

One of the paintings in between stylists.

Big painting on front wall of salon.

Reel to reel boxes at The Boss's station.

Coffee + Doodles = Heaven

Some of my screens for outside show.

Two more.

It was so fun, and I think I might just do it again on the next Third Thursday.

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