Friday, December 9, 2011

Art on Tap and Christmas doodles

Art on Tap was a show I did recently with 5 other artists. It was a fantastic fun time had by all. The venue was wonderful (even helped promote the show by posting photos of art on their Facebook page) and the weather was spectacular.

A friend of mine stopped by, and she wrote a post about her experience:

The Darth Vader/Storm Trooper walk painting sold, and the main reason was the buyer saw the art on the Taps Facebook page:

I've been doing some Christmas doodling. Here's a few:

It was Ira Gershwin's birthday, so had to do a doodle. 

This year I put some doodles on greeting cards, you can check them out when you click the link to my Etsy site.

These are "floral picks" I created for the garden challenged. I can't seem to keep plants alive, especially indoors. So, I made these to add color, and no plants are harmed in the making of them.

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