Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yum Yum at the Olympics

The London Olympics has us staying up WAY past our bedtimes. We find ourselves saying, "just ONE more event"... When an American wins gold, we all have to stand, hands over hearts, for the National Anthem. It is exhausting. I can't imagine how the olympians must feel.

My cat Yum Yum always finds herself in unfortunate predicaments, but this time, she found herself in London, for Team Yum Yum. She practiced for many minutes on technique, strategy and skill.

We're so proud. We will hang the medal in a place of honor, over the litter pan.

Team Yum Yum also was lined up for the feather weight women's boxing event:

A bit of silliness to end the post on.


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Dawn Schreiner said...

Thank you Syed!