Sunday, April 7, 2013

Participation: Sideshow of the Senses

Participation, at the Art and History Museums - Maitland. An evening of performance art by Phantasmagoria; a talented theatrical group, local artists and delicious food from Cuisiniers 
(and celebrated chef Jamie McFadden).

April 6, 2013

The artists and performers were inspiring:

Artists Robin Maria Pedrero (
and Marla E (

Artist Nathalie Chikhi with guests (

There were many more artists, when the Museums put up a link, I'll share what other art you could see on this very festive night, or we can check back with ├╝ber talented photographer Kristen, who's information you will find below).

Phantasmagoria are a group of talented entertainers from Empty Spaces Theatre Co(llaboration), they are under the direction of the fabulously talented direction of John DiDonna, who had his portrait commissioned not too long ago, by his admirer.
The commission was to be John as the character "Dr.Frank-N-Furter" from the delicious Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This photo is from Phantasmagoria's Facebook site. It was taken by the fabulously talented Kristen Wheeler (

The artists are asked to make a centerpiece for a table and donate artwork.

This year, my tabletop was a Money Tree

Throughout the year I've been painting on play money. First animals:

And more recently, unusual words:

The donated pieces:

It was a magical, beautiful spectacle between the fire eaters and gorgeous set designs by Dazian

Cuisiniers served up delicious fare including whole salmon with addictive dipping sauce, marinated mussels and mac and cheese like I have never tasted. It was all, every bite, remarkably tasty.

One of the guests at my table, above, is sampling some of Cuisiniers delights.

Last but not least, I was thrilled to be asked to design the inaugural "P" for Participation, which from now on will be designed by a new artist each year.

Above, the painted "P" and below, the letter that was created for all the printed materials:

The End

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