Monday, August 16, 2010

How about your own doodle?

At the art show yesterday, there were kind, delightful people and there were people that maybe shouldn't go to art shows. Artists have a way of touching a nerve, annoying some people or some thinking "how could this be worth anything?", and saying so. "This is on cardboard, it's crap", or "this is stuff I could make". It's a reaction, just like the nice comments, like "your work is so whimsical", or "you have mastery". Yet, all I dwell on is the comments that were hurtful, petty and rude. It must be human nature, because I do not like to be negative as a rule.
One thing that offended some folks (and they said so) was my doodle of Pope John Paul II.

I call him "Dope Pope". That doesn't mean he is a "dope", or that I think he is absurd, rather it is simply using the twentieth century slang word for "cool', or "smart".  He captured the imagination of my little girl, who claims she doesn't like religion. He was able to impress upon her his ideals and true heart. So, all the people who thought I was disrespecting the pope, will never know that really, he is so dope.

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