Tuesday, August 17, 2010

have a seat // pink // giveaway

Here is the chair I want. It is beautiful and I bet it is delightfully comfortable too. Pink has never been my favorite color, but the combination of the wood and the baroque style is just right with pink. I've had this picture for a long time, and can't remember where I found it, or I would give credit to the source.

More pink. Sort of. I did a doodle giveaway for valentine's day, and am thinking of doing one for Halloween. It is my favorite holiday, and here in Florida it isn't celebrated nearly as much as it is up north. I want to conjure a little magic of my own and get people excited about it. I wonder if a giveaway would do the trick? Right now I'm just considering, so I need to decide if I feel generous and if I will be able to part with the doodle. For this giveaway, I would only do one doodle, so I need to think of the twist. Last time it was based on choosing a favorite. This time, well, I need to figure that out. Any suggestions are welcome. 

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