Saturday, March 10, 2012

Austen men

Lawrence Olivier as Mr.Darcy in 1940.

Colin Firth portrays Darcy in a wildly popular BBC miniseries, 1995.

Matthew MacFadyen portrays Mr.Darcy in the cinematic adaptation from 2005.

Three Mr.Darcy's. There were more portrayals than this, but these were, in my opinion, the best. I watched all three versions and though the story is the same, each was a completely different experience. Do you have a favorite Mr.Darcy? 

Mr.Tilney from Northanger Abbey, another BBC production, is a popular leading man.

Henry Tilney, played by J.J. Feild. A saying among Austen fans "I fell in love with Mr.Darcy, I stayed in love with Mr.Tilney"

The other Austen man who, Tom Lefroy, from "Becoming Jane", is not from an Austen book, but loosely based on the author's life. Lefroy was portrayed charmingly by the scottish actor James McAvoy in the 2007 movie.

After painting these characters, I had several requests for this fellow:

Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility, played by the ├╝ber talented Alan Rickman.

Is there a Jane Austen character that you really like? There are many more, and there's something about those period costumes and large, rambling estates that sets the imagination alight.

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