Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new friend

It's nice to get a new friend. I don't really have one, not yet anyway. But, you know when you read about someone and think, "wow, I like them!"? Well, that happens to me a lot.

I found a new blog today, and just can't help sharing it, and wanting to be friends with Suzanne Fuoco (the author).

Above is a jam recipe I found and wanted to remember (not from the blog above, but somewhere I can't recall).

A few photos from the Maitland Art Center fundraiser Participation:

This year, the MAC included performers into the evening, they made the night enchanting. They not only performed, but did heavy lifting.

Photographer Kristen Wheeler captured the event beautifully. She has a fabulous website:

(photo courtesy of Kristen Wheeler)

Above, the painting I donated. "Bird Chandelier and Reclining Woman".

Yesterday was Doris Day's birthday, so I painted a little tribute. She turned 88. While I was researching her, I found out the last movie she filmed was in 1968. Seems like she is still as popular today as ever.

I planted two blueberry bushes in my yard about 4 years ago. One of the bushes succumbed to a cold snap about a year ago. The blueberries didn't bear fruit until last year. I had a handful to eat from last years crop, as the neighborhood birds had discovered them. This year I've had a few more, and nothing beats taking my kids out to the yard and eating fresh blueberries. I feel a little like Sal. (

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