Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Participation is the brainchild of Maitland Art and History Museums, (http://artandhistory.org). It's a fundraiser for the Museum. Artists and patrons get together, entertain each other and give money (or art) to the cause. The bird picks (above) were created for the MAHM, for  the auction.

Surrealism  was the theme of the event, so I painted the above piece, to help advertise the event.

My centerpiece (artists were asked to create a tablescape to enchant their guests. One artist per table) is based on my bird chandelier series, and my love of recycling. Wires suspend masks that diners could pull down and put over their face, for fun. The piece spins, if you prefer someone else's mask.

Above are some of the little pieces I added to the tips of the wires.

Table 12. I'll have to add 12 to my lucky lotto numbers. The image on the brochure and label is that of the painting I donated to the Museum.

There were fabulous dancer/performers that made the evening magical. I hope to get some better photos soon, when I do, I'll post them.

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